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Promising concept for a dev-browser

… but still needs much work. * no way to configure the amout of the preview panes * no way to configure the widths of the preview panes * no way to set the height for a mobile preview pane * very sluggish performance when resizing window * no way to bookmark a url too expensive - interested users should wait.

MAC OS X El Capitan

This app works no longer in MAC OS X El Capitan.

Good concept, doesn’t always work

It is certainly a great tool for web developers, if it works. Sometimes my apps won’t load in the browser, hopefully the issues will get fixed in upcoming updates.

The Missing Browser

This is a pretty amazing little tool. Haven’t played with it too much yet but at first glance it looks awesome. Very clean and minimal UI, no distractions. The only thing I have to pick on is the browser window dimension on the bottom right. It’s pretty useless right now cause it gives the dimensions on the entire browser window, mobile and desktop total. It would be more useful if it gave the desktop window dimensions only so that you know what media query you’re currently in. Denis

Absolutely not worth 5$

Mobile view do not adapt the resolution, you need a adaptative template to test. So you don’t see your web site like in a mobile at all. Real deception...

No Delivery on Implied Function

All this app does is display the desktop version of your webpage in a narrow window, alongside the full width version. Activating the Developer menu in Safari preferences and then choosing iPhone display will atleast give you expected menu/content changes for a mobile device (and at no charge). It would have been worth $5 to see the two versions side by side, properly, but as it is, this app is just a waste of time. If the developer included screenshots of the the app displaying a webpage maybe I would not have purchased—seems a little deceptive to me.

Digging this app so far.

It’s very minimal, but the features it does have for testing in multiple resolutions are perfect. Good work folks!

Good start

Nice app and useful I need the rule with a pixel value. it is hard to do? Would be great a preset with all lengths of the major phones and tablets.

So Valuable

As a front-end developer, I spend so much time working through various responsive web layouts. What Duo does is so obvious and simple, yet hasn’t been done before. The amount of time this is going to save me is worth 1000x the cost of the app!

Helpful & Useful From the Start

I’ve been using this app for literally less than a minute (some will see that as a bad thing), but it’s already so useful and I can already see how it improves efficiency for testing responsive design work. The only thing I’d like to see is the ability to resize both sides to test portrait vs. landscape and different screen sizes (not presets, but the just the ability to resize.) Thanks for the excellent tool! It’s already a mainstay in my workflow.

Good idea. Bad execution.

Great concept. But not worth it if it can’t even handle a basic user agent change. Waste of $5.

Awesome idea, but I look forward to improvments

This is such a great idea, especially for those of us who build web sites. Its great to see the two views side-by-side, and the simplicity is fantastic. There are issues, though. 1. It needs some level of control over the width of the mobile pane (the scrollbar takes up space, throwing things off, and its crucial to be able to check different widths) 2. Being able to limit the height of the mobile pane would be nice too, so that one can check where the fold is 3. Width X Height is standard, but dimensions display as H X W 4. No tabs, boo For the dimensions, hopefully theyll add some presets that match common screen widths (e.g. 320w, 1024w, etc.). Even better would be the ability to define your own size settings. Good start, and I look forward to the next version.


Basic concepts don’t work. Some kind of alpha testing for $5. Good job. :)


Only one day in and it’s pretty great. Add Live Reload and it gets five stars.

No User Agent Support!?

Really want to make this app part of my workflow, but seriously… no user agent support? Not everything mobile-related is done with responsive stylesheets, guys. Please update ASAP and add support for user agents.

Not quite there

Good idea, but the app gives you no way to interact with content. Also no system preferences to turn off certain things.

Obviously needs work, but has great potential as a developer tool.

Doesnt look like it currently works while Charles Proxy is running. Would love that to get fixed. It does have an inspector, which is great…but I wish the window panes were more synched together. For things like real-time search results and ajax requests, its be nice to have them both working at the same time. So if you used a search box in one window, the other one would also get your same keypresses and animations and whatever. Not saying thats easy (or even possible???), but if you figure that out, seems like wed have a winner. Good job, keep it up!

I have been looking for this...

Great tool! Simple, but so valuable to see the two experiences side-by-side!

What you’ve been waiting for….

Duo is what everyone has been waiting for, only better than anyone imagined. The design is so clean and beautiful that it makes you want to view everything through the lens of Duo.

At first glance

This app looks great on the surface, but there a few key factors were missing here to make this a dual development platform. First, the ability to control both views with one inspector. Changing CSS in one doesnt affect the other. Second is user agents. Without the ability to change them, the left pane is nothing more than a smaller window. The promise here is much greater than the delivery. Hope you guys have more planned, because Im $5 down and back to flipping tabs in Chrome.

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